Illustrator Spotlight: Elisandra

This week’s edition of Illustrator Spotlight features Elisandra, illustrator of Sevenstars Images. I first came across her versatile illustrations, often stylised with a folklore or vintage-like theme, when my mother and I were choosing this year’s Christmas cards. What does one need when sending Christmas cards? Right, stamps! Elisandra is responsible for designing this year’s set of Christmas stamps for the Royal Dutch Post. Additionally, she covered the illustrations for the special “home diary”, that came with the stamps (luckily, I managed to convince my mother into letting me use the diary).

As I was truly charmed by the dainty illustrations, I searched for Elisandra’s website and found her wordpress blog, where she posts more of her work (you should really take a look, she also occasionally posts online freebies!). It turns out, Elisandra has also gotten the oppertunity to illustrate for Flow magazine, a relatively well-known magazine here in the Netherlands. Here are a couple of images of the stamps and diary, as well as a few of her endearing illustrations. Don’t they just make you all warm and fuzzy inside?


Link {1} {2}

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7 thoughts on “Illustrator Spotlight: Elisandra

  1. thanks so much Rosalinde! Its the biggest compliment to read that someone feels good inside with my pictures, at least for a moment…Very important in this times, and absolutely my intention :)

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