Visiting Volendam

Today’s the first day of Christmas break and I’m having a great day: I haven’t done anything productive since yesterday morning! The thing is, I get bored easily. I know, it’s a major problem; I tend to tire people out, forcing them to go with me on trips and such. So, in order to keep myself busy (well, technically speaking I’m busy enough with school assignments, but…no), I’ve been scanning through old photos I never got the chance to blog about. I found a few from about a year ago, when me and my classmates were on a trip to Volendam (North Holland) in October 2010. Here they are:

This was a patriotic, but rather unprofessional attempt to form the letters NL (abbreviation of the Netherlands).

Lisa performs a succesful leap in Volendam as well.

Typical Volendam cottages.

Romy enjoys the October sunlight on this beautiful, crisp autumn day.

Volendam harbour boardwalk.

Rianne and Romy harmoniously take in the characterful view of the harbour.

Anouk poses with a bright smile.

Romy’s hair dancing in the sea breeze.

Lisa subtly hints that she might be “taken” (gereserveerd = reserved/booked).

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