Animation Monday: Bottle

After my “Infographic Sunday” posts, I decided to start posting “Animation Mondays”. I plan to post both “editions” every two weeks, from now on.

This week’s animation is Kirsten Lepore‘s “Bottle”. This stop motion animation is by far the best one I’ve seen this year and I’m not just talking about techniques or montage, it’s really the overall ethos that matters here. After all, a good film is not defined by pretty actors (not at all saying that Lepore’s skills aren’t highly admirable). I’ll leave it at that for now. Be sure to check out her other animations and just press play to watch the animation, because it’ll certainly be worth the 5:25 minutes of your life!

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3 thoughts on “Animation Monday: Bottle

  1. Oh ik herinner mij nog dat ik deze een jaar geleden ofzo ook gepost heb! Ik vond/vind dat ook echt één van de beste filmpjes die ik ooit gezien had. Zo’n mooi verhaal en ook zo mooi gemaakt, echt fijn.

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