Visiting Volendam Part II

Visiting Volendam (Part II)

Well, this might be a bit of an odd post, since the last time I visited Volendam was back in September 2010. The thing is, I finally found my photos back only yesterday, when suddenly the long-lost mysterious SD memory card popped up out of nowhere (read: from behind my desk covered in dust where I’d lost it). Anyways, if you’d like to see the first couple of photos of this trip I posted back in December and read why I was even there, here’s the post. For now, here are the rest of the photos!


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6 thoughts on “Visiting Volendam Part II

  1. What a nice town in North Holland! I have been to Edam once before and I think Volendam was the location of the harbor of Edam? Those pictures are fantastic.

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