Life Blurb: Antwerp

The “A”ntwerp ferris wheel in the centre of town (we didn’t go on it).

Me, elegantly getting my hair out of my face and mouth.

This is an actual train compartment.

Esther, masterfully displaying her supreme climbing skills at a children’s playground.

Hello there! Hope you’ve had a merry merry Christmas and will be having a great New Year’s celebration soon. I just wanted to update my blog with a little life blurb from my daytrip to Antwerp last week (I’ll share more photos of Antwerp in another post soon).

My and my friend Esther planned to meet up in our Christmas breaks from university and decided to hop on the train(s) to explore the Belgian city of Antwerp! The main streets and historic buildings were quite beautiful, as usual, but we noticed any neighbourhoods outside of the centre of town were quite desolate, with lots of houses and shops unoccupied or up for rent.

Since we couldn’t think of much to do, we walked around for a long time and fortunately found a playground to entertain ourselves!

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