Paris: Find the Humans

So, did you find them? I think I counted about 19 in all photos. Can you beat me? There’s one “trick” photo. I challenge you!

I took these photos whilst in Paris last December. The sun was setting in the late afternoon and beamed on Eiffel Tower, creating beautiful orange hues.

Lots of tourists were still waiting in huge lines to start climbing the Eiffel Tower or take the lifts. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower many times before, but I’ve never climbed it. Maybe I will one day (though I’m not sure the lines are worth it).

Have you seen and/or climbed the Eiffel Tower before?

15 thoughts on “Paris: Find the Humans

    • Oh yeah, I think you are right about that one. There were some serious lines for buying tickets as well though (I think), but I now feel more encouraged to actually climb it next time. Thanks for your comment! :D

  1. Even using a magnifier I only get 19 people and a “maybe”. Never been to Paris and hope to be able to see it one day. Ireland, England, Netherlands, and Italy will have to be first though. Great shots of the Eiffel Tower, Roselinde.

  2. After living here for 3 years, last summer I finally climbed the Eiffel tower! I lucked out on a fairly chilly night when the lines weren’t long at all. It’s quite the climb! And the view is magnificent. Though you can actually find similar heights elsewhere in Paris, with views equally spectacular, so don’t worry. You didn’t really miss anything world shattering ^^

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