Moon Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish up close

Even though dogs will probably always be my favourite type of animal, I honestly think jellyfish are the most beautiful. Looking at a jellyfish literally never gets boring, every movement is mesmerizing.

These jellyfish belong to the Aurelia Aurita species, also known as moon jellyfish. They are translucent and live throughout most of the planet’s oceans. Jellyfish (and invertebrates in general) have always fascinated me since they are just so different from mammals or any other type of animal. They have no brain, but some do have sensitive nerve nets.

I took these photos on my 20th birthday last year. I had such a great time and it has now become a very fond memory. I hope one day I will get to see more jellyfish in their natural habitat, captivity is almost never an optimal environment for these animals.

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