Hi guys! I’ve decided to start a new montly feature: Instapicks. At the end of each month*, I will post my 5 favourite picks from Instagram that month. I’ve been discovering so many incredible photographers and travellers across the platform lately and there have been several instances where I just felt the need to share these photos with you on my blog. So, I will!

1. @stanflan

goa get it girls!

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2. @littlebrownfox


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3. @alice_gao

Which way is up anyway

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4. @skwii


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5. @reallykindofamazing


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I don’t know how you all feel about smartphone photography, but I’ve come to appreciate it a lot more. I know many people sometimes complain about lack of quality and low-resolutions, but I feel like it’s often just a case of knowing how to find the good stuff online. Besides, there’s another kind of charm in taking the most amazing pictures without all that high-tech camera equipment as well (perfection is boring anyway).

Let me know: did you like this post?

* This month’s Instapicks is a bit late, mainly because I just thought of the idea today 🙂

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