The 4 Natural Wonders of Komodo National Park

The 4 Natural Wonders of Komodo National Park

Whether you call it the Jurassic Park of Indonesia, the Land of Dragons, or Khaleesi’s empire, Komodo National Park is a truly phenomenal place on Earth. About a century ago, nobody was completely sure about their existence: the Komodo dragons.… Continue Reading

Wakatobi: Indonesia’s Ultimate Tropical Islands

Indonesia's Ultimate Tropical Islands: Wakatobi

You may have thought Bali was paradise on Earth (which it practically is), but there are many more places in Indonesia that look like they came right out of a movie. One tropical region particularly tickled my fancy: Wonderful Wakatobi!… Continue Reading

Summer Nights at the Beijing Olympic Green Park

Beijing National Stadium, Olympic Green.

Beijing Olympic Green Park The Beijing Olympic Green is the Olympic park that was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Do you remember? It’s already been almost 8 years since then. I remember watching the opening ceremony and being really… Continue Reading