Photo Essay: Luxembourg Trails

Luxembourg Trails

Hello again, are you guys having a great summer? I have had a great couple of weeks these past months! Recently, my mother and I went on a short hiking trip to eastern Luxembourg, near the German border. There are some really amazing trails. I took a few shots here and there, so here’s a short photo essay of my favourite shots from our hikes along the Luxembourg trails.


Fallen tree in the hillside forest near Born.

Fungi growths on cut-down tree trunks.

Fallen tree with exposed underside and roots.

The first day we started out from the little village of Born (where we were “stationed” at a camping site), following the trails into the wood, later emerging into  fields full of wheat and windmills.

We started our second hike from the village of Consdorf, soon entering woodland with higher plateaus and rocky passages.