Tenerife Part III

Yep, another post about Tenerife! Are you getting bored yet? Well, I’m certainly not! If it were possible, I would hop on a plane and go back for some hiking without doubting for a second. Ok, I promise that this will be the last post about my trip to Tenerife, but I just really wanted to share these few last photos with my readers, so I hope you will still enjoy this post! For reference, here are post I and II.

Entering Parque Nacional del Teide with promising views of capricious rock formations.

One of the first views of Mount Teide and its versatile vegetation and surroundings.

Described as the ” seas of lava”, this area is located right next to the “Roques de García” and offers an unbelievable vista of the colourful and characteristic plain. Especially the red material on the right, seemingly a lava flow suddenly stopped in its tracks, gives away the violent character of a long-past volcanic outburst.

An incredible view from one of the lookout points next to the roadside of the national park.

Typical vegetation at about 2350 metres up high in the national park and a closer look at its (rather busy) residents.

Driving mountain roads through the Anaga mountain range on our way to Taganana village, up north in Tenerife.

Exploring Castilla y León

Previous school year I went on an exchange with Spanish students from Benavente. While staying with our exchange partners in May, we explored various places and went on many excursions in the area of Castilla y Léon, situated in north-western Spain. We visited cities like León and Salamanca, went on hikes and, naturally, were introduced to authentic Spanish gastronomy. I can honestly say we all had a blast on our final school trip. I took loads of photos, but I never managed to process them until now. I figure the pictures will do the talking, so here are the ones I liked most:

Youthful Easter procession in Benavente’s town heart.

Anouk pauses in a field (Parque Natural del Lago de Sanabria).

View of Sanabria Lake (Parque Natural del Lago de Sanabria).

Sanabria Lake from a distance.

Exiting San Martin de Castañeda.

Lisa’s jump while hiking in Sanabria Lake Natural park area (spot the kissing couple in the background).

Stork nesting on top of a derelict church building.

Gecko sunbathing on a rocky wall.

Eerie Salamanca Gargoyle (Gárgola).

Imposing statue in Salamanca.

Padlocks of love at an old Salamanca waterwell.

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